J D Salinger’s novel The Catcher in the Rye has thus far sold 65 million copies After taking part in the Normandy Landing and being at the liberation of Auschwitz he was lost until he found Vedanta. His guru was Nikhilananda. Somerset Maugham’s The Razor’s Edge was a big influence on Salinger. Larry Darrell the hero becomes a follower of Ramana Maharshi. Maugham had visited this guru himself. The experience deeply inspired him. Salinger retired from public life in the early 60s. After he died some letters were discovered. In one of them he had written that his books belonged to God and not to him. I feel the same about my novels.
When I am writing I am transported to some creative source or muse. It’s something like a trance state. I feel, like Salinger, that I’m a conduit. The story drives the writing and the characters take over and write themselves. I believe that these books come down to me from another realm. Many people might maintain that they come from my sub-conscious or that I draw on my memories and simply re-work them into stories. I don’t know where they come from of course, but there is something strange and magical about the process.

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I found this book very funny. Nigel’s prose has a way of gliding over cruel acts to make them bearable to read and in the end I actually liked his hero, Maitland Fairweather, which came as a surprise to me. Deborah Shorrocks. Psychotherapist.FLY AGARIC 003

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COURAGE AND LOVE FLYER 002Karma Lawyer magnificently transcends literary genres. Raymond Chandler meets Albert Einstein, Robert Johnson riffs with Elvis. The pairings of the popular and the arcane are many and echo throughout the book, both in the chapter headings, and eclectic references to such as fractals and electro-magnetic energy within the work itself. But always in the foreground are the triumphs and very real dilemmas of our anti-hero, Maitland Fairweather. This balancing act between fact and fiction succeeds by the skin of its teeth because it ultimately provides a rich and rewarding read. On one level it is a novel but on the other it is a vehicle of ideas. Big, life changing ideas. A book that involves us not only in the karma of its anti-hero, but also the karma of our planet. The consequences of the narrative are alternatively personal and geopolitical. We neglect both at our peril. Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon cannot be accused of hiding his light under a bushel. So be illuminated. Read this book. It’s available now as an e-book on Amazon.
Alistair Findlay. Actor.

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1st August – available on Smashwords, Kobo, Baker & Taylor and other online avenues – for two months

1st October – available for pre-ordering as a hardback

1st November – available for ordering as a hardback

30th November – run for a week, a Christmas competition to win signed hardback – if you have any ideas to give for competition and other (non-cash) prizes, let me know

15th December – make book as widely available as possible to all independent bookstores – for Christmas stocks

COURAGE AND LOVE 3D VERSIONFrom January onwards we’ll be promoting the hardback and digital versions for about three months, then we’ll release in paperback in around the Spring 2020.

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We had a small launch party this evening to celebrate Bewley Book’s publication of my fifth novel. Everyone had a jolly good time!CAL PUBLICATION PARTY 001

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Ingrid Maclean has written my biography. It’s called BEHIND OPEN DOORS and it was published  in December ‘18. The book is well researched and beautifully written. It features interviews with the many people I have known or know in my life – from family and friends to the rock and movie stars I have worked in my career as a film and TV director. It recalls the time I spent in the 60s hanging out and tripping with the likes of Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithfull, Paul McCartney, Allen Ginsberg, Prince Stash de Rola, Sir Mark Palmer, Christopher Gibbs and Donovan. There are photographs from my birth in 1943 to the present day. You will find the book on Amazon throughout the world. This is the link to the short promo of the book on Vimeo:


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KARMA LAWYER – Courage and love

One month to go to publication…COURAGE AND LOVE FLYER 002

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Bewley Books are publishing my fifth novel COURAGE AND LOVE at the end of June. I have just produced a promo for the book. The promo is a teaser so not much is given away. But I can tell you that Maitland Fairweather is an enigma. He is selfish and capable of the darkest deeds. However underneath that layer he has a heart of gold. He often goes out of his way to help the injured and oppressed. I have to admit that I love him. In my opinion he is the most interesting and engaging fictional character I have even created.

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Will Power felt the wild, ungovernable call of a simple cosmic demand: Take a trip. In his search for answers to the future of civilisation and the mystery of life itself, he abandons himself to the dance of his own extraterrestrial thoughts and leads us on a roller-coaster ride without rails from rock’n’roll to the far-flung quantum corners of the universe.

From sacred biology and psychedelic healing to god, cosmology, astrophysics and quantum mechanics, Will ricochets his way between Buddy Holly’s plane crash to quantum entanglement and spiders stoned on mescaline; from water wisdom, bioremediation and the Book of Revelation to Big Bang sequencing and the quantum internet. No particle of information escapes his wide- eyed, forensic gaze.

On a drive through Glen Coe Will and his girl, Belle, are invited aboard a saucer-shaped extra-terrestrial craft. The moment they step inside they are transported across the galaxy to a planet called Hir. Will has been to this place before – when he tripped and left his body with the help of the sacred mushroom Fly Agaric.

As Will journeys on and off the planet, he finds no destination. No “x” marks the spot. Instead the golden thread that guides him is the grail quest for a knowledge that reveals the deepest nature of the universe and Man’s place within it. His search for this treasure confirms Will Power as the ultimate psychedelic messiah as he and Belle set out to turn on the world.FLY AGARIC 003

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This is the link to my short live interview with Leigh Chambers on Cambridge 105FM. Leigh got the name of Ingrid’s book wrong throughout the interview. It was live so I didn’t notice at the time! Apart from that it’s OK:


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