Bewley Books are publishing my fifth novel COURAGE AND LOVE at the end of June. I have just produced a promo for the book. The promo is a teaser so not much is given away. But I can tell you that Maitland Fairweather is an enigma. He is selfish and capable of the darkest deeds. However underneath that layer he has a heart of gold. He often goes out of his way to help the injured and oppressed. I have to admit that I love him. In my opinion he is the most interesting and engaging fictional character I have even created.

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Will Power felt the wild, ungovernable call of a simple cosmic demand: Take a trip. In his search for answers to the future of civilisation and the mystery of life itself, he abandons himself to the dance of his own extraterrestrial thoughts and leads us on a roller-coaster ride without rails from rock’n’roll to the far-flung quantum corners of the universe.

From sacred biology and psychedelic healing to god, cosmology, astrophysics and quantum mechanics, Will ricochets his way between Buddy Holly’s plane crash to quantum entanglement and spiders stoned on mescaline; from water wisdom, bioremediation and the Book of Revelation to Big Bang sequencing and the quantum internet. No particle of information escapes his wide- eyed, forensic gaze.

On a drive through Glen Coe Will and his girl, Belle, are invited aboard a saucer-shaped extra-terrestrial craft. The moment they step inside they are transported across the galaxy to a planet called Hir. Will has been to this place before – when he tripped and left his body with the help of the sacred mushroom Fly Agaric.

As Will journeys on and off the planet, he finds no destination. No “x” marks the spot. Instead the golden thread that guides him is the grail quest for a knowledge that reveals the deepest nature of the universe and Man’s place within it. His search for this treasure confirms Will Power as the ultimate psychedelic messiah as he and Belle set out to turn on the world.FLY AGARIC 003

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This is the link to my short live interview with Leigh Chambers on Cambridge 105FM. Leigh got the name of Ingrid’s book wrong throughout the interview. It was live so I didn’t notice at the time! Apart from that it’s OK:

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On Friday 22nd of February Helgi’s (177, Mare Street, Hackney, London E8 3HR) will present BEHIND OPEN DOORS – an event celebrating the launch of the book ‘Behind Open Doors’ by Ingrid Maclean – the story of Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon, the acid messiah of 60’s London. Nigel and Ingrid will be in attendance to talk about the book, and Nigel will be screening his infamous film ‘Syd Barrett’s First Trip’, followed by a Qs&As.

TwiHELGI'S LAUNCH POSTER 001nk, founding member of Syd Barrett’s Stars, will be reading “The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn”, a paper curated by Andy Jefferies. He will also be performing some of Syd’s most loved songs with Fabio Mongelli on guitar. Plus a psychedelic/space rock party in the main bar til late.

 £10 advance/£10 on the door:

 Ingrid MacLean describes the book:

BEHIND OPEN DOORS is the story of Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon – in context. Andy Roberts (Albion Dreaming) described it as “a positive blizzard of stories”, covering not only Nigel’s time at 101 Cromwell Road featuring Mike Horovitz, Alex Trocchi,, Bill Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, John Esam, Barry Miles, Jane Asher, John Dunbar, Paul McCartney, Mick and Marianne, Donovan, David Cammell, William Pryor, Anthony Stern, Rupert Sheldrake, Alistair Findlay, David Gale, Chris Case, and gorgeous Christopher Gibbs, to name but a few. Nigel helped turn on pretty much everyone in 1965, having evolved into the Acid Messiah after meeting up with Hoppy while still living in Cambridge. Syd’s first trip and subsequent decline are in there, as well as a lot of background info on the CIA and their meddling, which sent a whole village mad, killed Frank Olson, brought down the British government and ended JFK (with Leary’s help on that last one). The misfortunes of poor Michael Hollingshead are included, and an interview with his partner at Pont Street, the fabulous Joe (hole-in-the-head) Mellen. Nigel’s jacket has its own section, with John Pearse, Nigel Waymouth, and Mark and Cleo Butterfield at C20 Vintage Fashion, who own the jacket now and were responsible for putting it on a postage stamp!

 Signed copies of the book will be available to purchase on the night!

 It should be a lot of fun and we hope that you’ll be able to get there.

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The story of Santa Claus and his flying reindeer can be traced to hallucinogenic or magic mushrooms, according to one theory. ‘Santa Claus is a modern counterpart of a shaman, who consumed mind-altering plants and fungi to commune with the spirit world,’ said John Rush, an anthropologist and instructor at Sierra College in Rocklin, California.
Arctic shamans gave out mushrooms on the winter solstice. According to the theory, the legend of Santa derives from shamans in the Siberian and Arctic regions who dropped into locals’ tepee-like homes with a bag full of hallucinogenic mushrooms as presents in late December, Rush said, ‘As the story goes, up until a few hundred years ago, these practicing shamans or priests connected to the older traditions would collect Amanita Muscaria (the Holy Mushroom), dry them and then give them as gifts on the winter solstice because snow is usually blocking doors, there was an opening in the roof through which people entered and exited, thus the chimney story.’
Mushrooms, like gifts, are found beneath pine trees. That’s just one of the symbolic connections between the Amanita Muscaria mushroom and the iconography of Christmas, according to several historians and ethno-mycologists, or people who study fungi’s influence on human societies.FLY AGARIC LAND 001

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World Scientific are offering a 20% discount on my book until 31st December. CLOUDS DISCOUNT OFFER 001

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I had a great day yesterday Christopher Gibbs’ Memorial Service with all the Lords and Ladies, Dukes and Duchesses (inc Duchess of Cornwall) ending with a tea party at Christies. Nigel Waymouth, John Pearse, John Dunbar, Tom Stoppard and so on were there.The service was most moving. Ingrid Maclean (my biographer) was there too. The book is dedicated to Christopher. I miss him and the world is a much lesser place without him. You can read about our friendship in the biog of course.Ingrid told us today that the book will def be live on Amazon etc by the end of the month. Semper Fi.CHRISTOPHER 003A

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The launch of BEHIND OPEN DOORS was a great success.THE LAUNCH 001 We had a full house, which included Rupert Sheldrake, Anthony Stern, David Cammell, my brother and his wife and Mike Horovitz. Also many other old Cambridge friends.

A jolly fine time was had by all and the books flew of the table. I read from Albert Hoffman and Bill Hicks:

“I’d like to see a positive LSD story in the press – ‘Today a  young man on acid realised that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There’s no such thing as death, life is only a dream and we’re the imagination of ourselves.’”

I took my own Fly Agaric with me which I picked a year ago in the retirement home behind April Cottage to illustrate how the mindless thugs who made LSD illegal have lost the war!

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I directed the filming of the 1977 Pink Floyd ANIMALS cover art shoot. Here I am with David Gilmour and Roger and the pink floyd from bbc1 documentary dec 2007 3 copy c

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nigel's 60s saucer portrait 001My biography by Ingrid Maclean will be published on Nov 6th. Here’s the Vimeo link to the promo:





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